Quick Facts

  • Mogga is pronounced “moh-ga”
  • Mogga’s pronouns are he/him.
  • He is orange and yellow, and softer and fluffier than the average goldfish.
  • He is Putra’s Special Volunteer for Obon at Home 2021.

Who is that golden fish?

After stepping up and stepping into his role as the mascot for Obon at Home last year, Putra realized how much fun it would be to work on Obon with friends. For Obon at Home 2021 Putra invited his special friend, Mogga, to help. Putra asked Mogga to introduce himself. Here’s the story he told.


Hi All! Yoroshiku! My name is Mogga. 


I am a special goldfish. I was born in Florida at a fish farm where fish are raised to be food for bigger fish, EXCEPT for special goldfish who are big and strong. I am special because Mr. B — the Goldfish Booth Boss — picked me and my buff buddies for The Goldfish Game, where kids eagerly throw ping pong balls to win the privilege of taking home a beautiful flashy goldfish. Like me!


I’m even more special because Mr. B liked me so much he introduced me to his friend Putra. Putra is Rev. Mukojima’s shy friend. He’s fuzzy and charming, so when he turned his big black eyes to Rev. Mukojima and asked to bring me home, Sensei was unable to resist. They named me Mogga.


I was ecstatic! Putra and I cruised Obon and ate delicious treats like shave ice and yaki soba. The shave ice reminded me of the cold waters of Florida and the yaki soba has some of the veggies from the sea. Putra tried to find french fries for me. At first we were sad, because Mr. B told us that they don’t make them any more. And then we giggled, because we looked at each other, softly said, “oh well…”, then shouted out at the same time, “Change Happens!” We’re the best type of friends!


We played games until my fins and Putra’s arms were overloaded with prizes. We had such a great time that we are now each other’s OFF — Obon Friend Forever. I’m so excited that Putra asked ME to help with Obon at Home 2021. Come along and let’s have a blast!

Fun Facts

  • Mogga’s name comes from Moggallana, the great Buddhist monk who helped save his mother from the realm of hungry ghosts and danced with joy at Obon to celebrate her release.
  • Mogga’s favorite Obon food: Whatever he can share with Putra.
  • Mogga’s favorite Odori (Japanese dance): Arigato (because he likes to say “thank you!”)
  • Mogga’s favorite Obon game: grab bag (“It has the best prizes.”)

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