Members Only Pre Orders


Due to health code and other restrictions, there are certain parts of OBON at HOME that we have to limit to our dues-paying members. The entire OBON at HOME broadcast and certain merchandise will be available to the general public; however, all food sales and previously subsidized items (such as leftover prizes from previous Obons) need to be limited to our current membership.


If you would like to join us as a member, you may do so as part of 2021 Obon at Home. People of all ages, ethnicities, genders, and races are welcome to join the Mountain View Buddhist Temple Sangha. 

To make membership more accessible, we are offering an INTRODUCTORY HALF-PRICE MEMBERSHIP ($150, good through December 31, 2021). In January 2022, you will be invited to renew at standard 2022 rates. We look forward to continuing to have you become a cherished member of our Sangha with all the benefits that membership can provide. 

Items for Sale to the Public

**Sales for some items are now re-opened through Sunday July 25th at 6pm Pacific time.

Due to popular demand, we will be re-opening a few items for sale.  Support our temple by ordering one of the available items below.

Obon at Home 2021 T Shirt: $20

Purchase your own 2021 Obon at Home premium cotton t-shirt.  Soft, quality fabric in a fashionable dusky blue with full color logo.

MVBT Cookbooks

Get all the fabulous recipes for your favorite obon foods, and more!  There are three cookbooks available for sale:

  • Original MVBT Cookbook
  • Buddhist Women’s Association Cookbook
  • Dharma School Cookbook

MVBT Aprons

Protect your clothes while you cook, and support MVBT at the same time!  We have two styles of aprons available for sale.  Get yours today!

Senior Craft Grab Bags: $20

Get an assortment of crafts made especially by our seniors!  Ranging from dish scrubbies to masks and more, you never know what you’re going to get, but they’re all made with love!


Obon-in-a-Box Essentials: $100

Do you miss the MVBT Obon foods? This year, make them at home! This box will give you the ingredients and recipes to enjoy some of our classic Obon treats. Wherever possible, we are sourcing the ingredients from our usual suppliers and other small businesses so that we can continue to support them during COVID-19. Box items include the following (current as of 5/14, subject to change):

  • 3 lbs of cubed Tri-Tip for beef teriyaki 
  • 6 Polish sausages 
  • 6 Buns
  • 6 ears of corn
  • 1 can of SPAM
  • 1 pkg of nori (seaweed)
  • 1 pkg of flavored ramen noodles for chicken salad
  • 1 pkg of shredded cabbage mix for chicken salad
  • 2 pkgs of udon with dashi (soup mix)
  • 1 recipe pack + list of pantry items
  • 4 Bingo Card Set

Specialty Food Items

  • Mango Raspberry Mousse Cake from Sugar Butter Flour: $20
  • 4pc Assorted Shuei Do Manju: $10
  • Sushi Box (inari + futomaki): $8
  • 5lb Polish Sausage Pack (20 sausages): $30

Bingo Booster Pack: $10

Do you miss the rush of the Bingo tent? Join us for members’ only Bingo on Saturday and Sunday for your chance to WIN NEW PRIZES!!! 

This Bingo Pack includes:

  • 4 Bingo cards 
  • Dry erase cover and marker
  • Directions on how to join the games online.

Kids Pack: $5

Enjoy fun activities with your family. Our Kids Box makes use of the grab bag and game prizes that were leftover from previous Obons. Box items include the following (current as of 6/13, subject to change):

  • 2 unisex grab bag toys
  • 1 rubberband launcher target game (launcher and targets included)

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