Food for Sale

We will be offering food options for dine in or takeout, provided from local small businesses in our community. Many thanks to Suruki Supermarket in San Mateo, Shuei-Do Manju Shop, and Bassian Farms for their ongoing support of our Obon festival. 


$15.00 Adult / $10.00 Child

ADULT BENTO includes chicken teriyaki, salmon mayo, kinpira gobo, wakame salad, tamagoyaki, rice, takuan. From Suruki

CHILD BENTO includes karaage, spam musubi w/sauce, edamame.  From Suruki

Spam Musubi


Spam musubi with sauce. 1 musubi, cut into 3 pieces. From Suruki



Futomaki 8 pieces. From Suruki



4 pieces assorted Manju. From Shuei-Do

Polish Sausage Pack


Polish Sausage 5 lb bag, approximately 20 sausages.