How to Dress

Everyone is welcome at Obon. If you would like to dress in traditional Japanese clothing such as yukata, jinbei, hapi coats, or any other type of traditional dress, please feel free to view the resources below for dressing tips, tricks, and ideas.

Why do you dress for Obon?

This video showcases different MVBT members’ reasons for dressing in traditional clothing for obon. 

Tip #1 - Have the right tools

MVBT members share the basic items you’ll need for a successful dressing experience. 

Tip #2 - Learn to Dress Yourself

While it might seem daunting, learning to dress yourself can be a great way to integrate your own style into your obon look.

Tip #3 - Hair and Footwear Options

This video lists some common footwear and hairstyle options for obon.

Tip #4 - Think outside the Yukata

Yukata aren’t the only option for summer bon odori clothing.  Check out this video for a few different clothing type options. 

Tip #5 - Wash, Fold Store

The final tip we have for Obon dressing is a set of tips on how best to store your items to keep them looking fresh and clean for years to come.